National Development Strategies Formulation

Since Economic Growth is almost invariable the outcome of national development strategies, we assist government in it development with good policies

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Community Development Projects

which includes provision of community welfare programmes like vocational rehabilitation, provision of recreational facilities and entrepreneurial

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Social Research

We investigate and analyze social needs and problems and provide directions to policies and actions that help to make remedial goals identifiable and

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Our Mission is to promote national development. We positively impact the life of people.

Youth Unemployment

This civic dialogue was organized in 2017 for foreign diplomats (high commissioners/ambassadors), council of state, government ministers, academicians and business experts under the theme, “Youth unemployment: A call for Action”.


This was organized in 2016 to promote peace in our presidential election through entrepreneurship training and mentorship. 1000 Ghanaian youth benefitted from this programme.


The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Programme as commonly called LED programme also trains, mentor and provide funding opportunities to unemployed youth and start-up entrepreneurs. This programme provides a week residential training, a year- long tailored package of online learning, mentoring, networking and funding.