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Executive Board Chairman:
Hon. Alhaji Abdul Lateef Majdoub

Hon. Alhaji Abdul Lateef Majdoub is a District Chief Executive. He is a contractor by profession and a great national developer. He is an influential member of the National Democratic Congress.

Executive Board Deputy Chairman:
Hon. Atta Boafo Kingsley Daniel

He holds BA Journalism from London School of Journalism. He is a parliamentarian and a strong member of the New Patriotic Party. He serves on Women's and Gender committee in Parliament.

Executive Director:
Prof. Dr.  Lawrence Lowell

Global Advisor -Global Board of Academic & Professors Council, (AAFM® Board of standards) USA http://www.aafm.us/board.htm
Accredited Management Consultant (AMG™) a Licensed Chartered, (AAFM®) USA.
Fellow (FAAFM): - American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM®) USA.

Founding President and CEO:
Mr. Pinkrah Kwaku Kingsley

Mr. Pinkrah Kwaku Kingsley is the Founding President and CEO of the organisation. He graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He was a member of African Aurora Business Network (AABN-UK), Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Entrepreneur and Finance Student Association of Ghana (EFSAG).

Executive Member:
Dr. Gabriel Eshun

He holds BSc from KNUST, MBA and PhD from University of Leicester, UK. He is a lecturer on the tourism programme in the KNUST. He specializes in marketing, tourism, entrepreneurship, ecotourism and green issues in hotels. He is also a performing poet and a motivational speaker.

Executive Member:
Dr. Robert Aidoo

Dr. Robert Aidoo holds BSc in Agriculture, MPhil and PhD in Agriculture Economist. He lecture Risk management and Strategic management at KNUST Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness extension at the faculty of Agriculture. He is a great motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a community developer.