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CEDI provides a variety of projects in Ghana. Projects includes agric project, health project, IT project, Educational project, etc.

Agric Project
The project focuses on delivery of support to farmers in form of small revolving grant, inputs and extension services, and Strengthening agricultural markets through providing support to farmers organizations, Association, cooperative and unions market actors, Community Based Organizations and private sector.

Agricultural producers in Ghana are unable to produce much to meet the increasing local market demand and the objective is to target producer groups to gain resources and skills to produce for the market and market systems will be in place to facilitate market linkages. Women and men in the target areas have equal access to productive resources and equal opportunities to increase production and marketing and ensure household food security. Currently, over hundred farmers are benefiting and we hope to reach more.

Health Project
CEDI provides talks on health, diseases, immunizations, breast-feeding, etc. In Ghana, only two out of every one hundred people with a mental illness will get the care they need. Without proper treatment, this can lead to social exclusion and poverty for those with the illness and their families. The CEDI Project is helping thousands of people in Ghana with mental illness. We are helping to train new mental health workers to provide care in poor, rural areas throughout the country. We also provide health screening services to many Ghanaian.


IT Project
Thousands of at-risk youths & young adults in Ghana have never used a computer, let alone received any basic training / education. With our training, unemployed youths and school dropouts become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs that were previously unqualified for. Youth & young adults are provided with free training in basic computer skills, office applications & Internet. These skills are in high demand. Group interactions, mentoring, discussions and question & answer sessions help to reinforce learning.